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Relaxation Techniques For Stress Relief

In our fast-paced society, many people suffer from stress. Everyday life and responsibilities can cause immense stress, which can lead to irritability and disrupted sleep. However, there are many relaxation techniques for stress relief that can be used to help people cope with everyday stress.

1.Take a warm bath
Although showers may be quicker and more efficient, those who have a lot of stress may want to consider taking bathes once in a while. The warm water can be soothing on muscles (which are usually tense in stress people. Relaxed muscles can help a person relax their mind as well. While in the bath, the person should simply focus on their surroundings, not their obligations or worries. Dimming the lights in the bathroom can also help create a calm environment for the person to relax in.

In high stress situations, it is easy to panic and have stress levels increase drastically. Such stress can cause people to react with anger, which may not be appropriate. Taking a moment to dissociate from the situation and count backward from 100 can help the person regain control and a sense of calm. Being able to relax in such intense situations is a vital skill.

3. Massage
With the same concept as the bath, a massage can help to relax tense muscles, which will help a person feel more relaxed and less stressed. Tense muscles tend to hurt and tighten, which forces a person to feel even more stressed. Massages can help loosen up the muscles, as well as treat any areas with knots. The environment in massage rooms is also very calming and can allow a person to escape their stresses.

4.Change the environment
Although not always possible, a change in environment is a great relaxation technique. For example, painting a room with lighter, calmer colors (light blue or green) can help a person feel more at ease. Also, keeping a clean environment will help a person relax because they are not stressed out about mess or clutter.Making sure seating/ bedding is comfortable will also aid in relaxation, as it is very difficult to feel calm when uncomfortable.

5. Relaxation tapes
Another great relaxation technique are relaxation tapes. These can be sleep/relaxation hypnosis videos, relaxing music, or just sounds sounds (like rain or ocean waves). Such videos can be found on the internet, or YouTube for free. Others can be purchased, but there are many free ones available. Such videos can be watched at any time, and greatly help induce relaxation. However, it is recommended not to use this technique while driving/ doing any actual tasks, because they can easily cause a person to drift off or fall asleep. Because of their ability to help a person relax so easily, these videos are a great option to relax a person before sleeping. Music without lyrics is an option for people who need to complete tasks (like work/homework) but need to relax.

Chronic or intense stress can be damaging on the mind and body. It is important for those people with lots of stress to try to relax using techniques for stress relief.