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Use Self Hypnosis To Achieve Your Dream

Setting New Year’s goals is a time-honored tradition throughout the world. However, most people fail to attain their New Year’s goals/resolutions due to various reasons that range from procrastination to busy work schedules. The good news is you can use self-hypnosis to achieve your dream. Here are some great tips to help you accomplish your personal goals using this technique:

Find A Quiet Place

Self-hypnosis works well in a quiet environment, including your bedroom, office, or even an outdoor space. In essence, you should find a place where you can relax without distractions. Additionally, you should turn off your phone, computer, radio, or television to eliminate noises that might be sources of distractions.

Comfortable Position

Contrary to popular belief, you can undertake self-hypnosis in various positions. As such, you should sit, stand, or lie down in a comfortable position. What’s more, you should surround yourself with items that will make you feel comfortable such as pillows or blankets and adjust the position of your body until you feel as comfortable as possible.


To help you relax, pick a point and focus your gaze on it. With your gaze firmly fixed on the point, take a deep breath, hold it for a moment, breathe out, and then repeat this process several times. Let your body relax and become limp. At the same time, you could say, “my eyes are heavy and I want to sleep now”. Take note that you can come up with your own sentence or verse that suits your life’s goals. Repeat this sentence in a gentle and soothing manner until you start to drift away into a dreamlike state.

Incorporate Imagery

Picture yourself in the future living your dream and make it as real as you can. For example, picture yourself registering a business, approaching and giving presentations to clients, getting orders for your products, hiring staff for your expanding business, and getting compliments from friends and family members. Soak this experience as much as you can.

Return To Your Normal State

Gradually emerge from your self hypnosis by silently counting down from five to one or vice versa. When you finish counting, open your eyes. Of course, you should not rush this entire exercise. Instead, you should immerse yourself fully in the exercise by going through the entire process leisurely. Upon completing the process, you can return to your daily routine. It is worth noting that you may feel drowsy at the end of a self hypnosis session. This is normal and you will snap out of it after a few minutes.

In summary, many people are unable to achieve their life goals due to various reasons. Nevertheless, you can use self-hypnosis to achieve your dream. Self-hypnosis typically involves finding a quiet place and sitting or lying down in a comfortable position. After this, relax and drift into a dreamlike state. Use vivid imagery to live your dreams. Finally, return to a normal state by counting down from five to one or any sequence of numbers that you prefer.