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Hypnosis To Quit Smoking

More and more people are making the decision to try to quit smoking. The statistics scare people. Smoking is linked to cancer, heart disease, stroke, and lung disease, among many other conditions. Smoking can lead to illness, and even death. For many people, quitting smoking is very difficult. Some people try to quit cold turkey, others try nicotine patches, nicotine gum, or prescription medication. For some people, these methods work, for others, they do not. When someone is really serious about quitting smoking, and they have exhausted all other avenues, they try hypnosis to quit smoking.

As of yet, hypnosis is not an approved method of smoking secession according to the American Medical Association. Regardless of this, many people are turning to hypnotism.

This method does not work for everyone. Studies show, only one in four people are not able to be hypnotized. When a person is hypnotized, they are not unconscious. They are in a trance, however, they are aware of their surroundings. When you are hypnotized, you are relaxed and are able to concentrate more. While hypnotized, you are more willing to listen to suggestions. This is how a psychotherapist can help you stop smoking.

While under hypnosis, the psychotherapist will plant suggestions in your mind. They will usually have you imagine unpleasant outcomes from smoking. They may tell you that smoking leaves your feeling parched, or makes you feel physically ill, and nauseous. They will tell you that cigarettes poision your body. They tell you that you should respect your body, and take better care of it. When the patient comes out of the trance, chances are the idea of smoking will make them sick.

Many psychotherapists will teach the smoker affirmations to prevent them from smoking. They will tell the smoker to repeat these affirmations whenever they have the urge to smoke. Often times, the psychotherapist will give the smoker a tape. This tape will have the affirmations on it. The smoker is instructed to play the tape when they go to sleep at night. This will plant the affirmations in the smokers mind while they are drifting off to sleep. This is when your mind is most open to suggestion.

Medical professionals are torn as to whether or not hypnotism is actually an effective way to stop smoking. In 2001, the Journal of Dental Education stated that hypnotism is possibly and effective treatment for smoking cessation. At the same time, the National Cancer Institute and the American Cancer Society have stated that studies cannot support that hypnotism is an effective method to quit smoking.

While the medical community is split as to the validity of using hypnotism to quit smoking, many former smokers who have used hypnotism to quit smoking swear by it. Many former smokers who used this method, stated that they had never had the urge to smoke again after being hypnotized. Others stated that they had the occasional urge, however, after repeating their affirmations regularly, and listening to the tape when they went to sleep, they lost the urge to smoke within a month. There have also been cases where smokers stated that hypnotism did nothing for them at all.

It is clear, that hypnotism works for some, and not for others. If you are really serious about quitting smoking, and none of the other available methods have worked for you, you have nothing to lose by trying a session with a psychotherapist to quit smoking. Due to the serious health issues related to smoking, you owe it to yourself to try every method that is out there.