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Low Self Esteem Treatment

A person who lacks self-confidence may want to find out a low self esteem treatment that alleviates the situation. People who lack confidence in themselves may find they are prone to depression. Depressed feelings often stem from being brought up by dysfunctional parents who never offered praise. Growing from childhood into adulthood involves recognizing the fact that parents and siblings are imperfect humans with many faults.

Learn to Overcome Critical Comments

Imperfect parents are not morally or ethically justified in criticizing their child or refusing to encourage the child’s natural gifts. Consequently, one low self esteem treatment is to acknowledge the fact that a person has the ability to overcome negative comments offered by members of their families, whether in the past or present. Overcoming negative criticism is easier when a person joins a support group or consults with a trained psychologist.

Do Not Associate with Abusive People

Whether the abusive person is a parent, a sister, a brother, an old friend or a new acquaintance, associating with an abusive person is the best way to ensure lack of self-confidence. Set psychological boundaries in all relationships that involve abuse. Do not associate with anyone who acts in a physically abusive way. Tell people who engage in verbal abuse and word bashing that the friendships will end unless the abuse stops. A person with appreciative friends will have a better chance of harboring positive feelings that result in greater self esteem.

Write Down Nagging Thoughts

One way to keep track of why self-confidence is an ongoing problem is to write down negative thoughts that plague the mind. If a sister or brother recently made a comment that caused confident feelings to wither and decay, write down the comments and analyze them. Determine whether the negative comments are reasonable or laughable. It is not worth a person’s time to sit and muse about ridiculous and attacking comments offered by a person who speaks empty words without intelligence.

Participate in Fun Physical and Mental Activities

One way to treat low self esteem is to participate in various types of enjoyable activities. Take a dance class. Join a bird watching group. Take long hikes with others who enjoy the great outdoors. Make new friends who share common interests. Watch a hit movie. Eat at a fancy restaurant. Enjoyable activities help people to have new and rewarding experiences that lead to expanded feelings of self-confidence.

Accomplish New Tasks Every Day

Even though washing the dirty laundry may not seem as though it has any hidden healing qualities, performing any type of mundane task makes a person feel worthy. Any type of task, whether it involves washing the dishes, dusting dusty bookshelves or cooking healthy meals, gives value to a person’s life. Performing household chores also helps a person focus on life’s necessities instead of concentrating on feelings related to lack of self esteem. Low self esteem treatment involves a mindset that is determined to conquer negative thoughts while cultivating ideas that lead to greater self-esteem.