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What is a Life Coach?

At a time when many people are floundering in their lives and careers, there are life coaches to help with career and other lifestyle counseling. In fact, life coaching services are tending online today with many professional teachers and others taking on the role of a “life coach” to help fill this need in today’s fast-paced digital culture. Life coaches are also being recruited online in the wake of so many people needing a real person to help them with advice and guidance about how to reach one’s goals.

Another aspect of being a life coach is linked to having the real-world experience to help a wide range of people to both identify and achieve their personal dreams. For instance, many life coaches have a background in psychology, sociology, job counseling and positive adult development. While a life coach is not considered to be a therapist, there is a life coaching curriculum at many colleges that lists therapist training as a real need for this type of mental health assistance.

What is a life coach?

While a traditional life coach has skills that are used for “coaching” clients in any human endeavor, there is a trend today for more specific life coaches that specialize in social, political, personal, professional and even family concerns. Still, there is a concern that some life coaches are not fully trained or accredited in the same way as teachers or other professionals involved in counseling. To help remedy the situation of having life coaches properly trained, there are numerous online education websites that offer life coaching training with specialties that include “psychological intervention” and career analysis.

The skills to become a life coach include:

– A deep desire to help people reach their personal dreams and goals.

– The skill to help clients shift their negative perspectives so they can discover various solutions to better achieve their goals.

– Knowing how to manage both people and time so everyone involved knows what to do when it comes to achieving goals and select personal milestones.

– Today’s coaching includes career, financial, personal, health and the ever popular sports consulting.

In general, a life coach is someone capable to help people to use their skills to the best of their abilities.

Life coaching regulation

While each and every state in the U.S. has its own rules that govern who is permitted to advertise as a “life-coach,” this unique personal coaching specialty has been around for decades, and is generally not regulated by the state or federal government, states the U.S. Board of Professional Counselors. A life coach is also someone who is all about putting the focus on reflection; inquiry and discussion when helping a client identify their goals for relationships, work or business. A typical life coaching session is typically a conversation between the client and the coach.

Overall, there are many professional life coaches and counselors who think that most anyone today could benefit from simply discussing their personal life goals with someone who is trained to both listen and suggest a course of action to reach these goals.