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About Us

Certified Instructor Transforming Communication, Certified Trainer NLP, Masters NLP

is a parent of two adult children and grandparent. She is a second generation NZ Chinese and grew up in a traditional Chinese Family.

She grew up being aware of the difference in her Chinese and Kiwi upbringing and developed skills and knowledge to integrate both cultures into her life.

I started using the Transforming Communications with my children when they were 6 and 3 years old. Both are now adults living full, healthy and productive live. I am particularly excited when I hear my daughter using the same skills with her daughter who now at the age of 2 years and 9 months is using problem solving skills which many adults  have yet to learn

I have taught these skills to clients looking to develop relationships based on mutual tryst and respect in both their workplace and personal life. I look forward to sharing these skills with you.